5 Unique Tools For Social Marketers

There are many social media users who look for special tools to start their marketing on this platform. Some of these tools can really make your post attractive and easily shareable by other users on the social media platform. Here are 5 tools that can be helpful for using it on the social media channels.

1. Grammarly- This is a tool that can be used to spell-check the posts on various social media platforms. Most of the users check their posts properly before posting them on the social media channel, but even then people will comment about few corrections in your post. When you spell a word wrongly by mistake, this tool will help to correct it. It is available as a software and browser extension for free. You can just pull the documents and pull it in this software for grammar check. This tool will analyze the post and the words used in it before highlights the errors. It is a free tool with basic functions and you can also use a premium version which is available with a fee.

2. Twitter Analytics and AgoraPulse- The usual Twitter Analytics will share the information related to the tweets. But the Twitter Analytics with AgoraPulse can work as a perfect tool to compare the Twitter account with others. To use this tool you must access the site analytics.agorapulse.com and authorize your Twitter account. You will receive a confirmation email and then add Twitter accounts which you like to compare. You will see the details of engagement received during last 30 days for other accounts.

3. Ripl- This is one of the best mobile app which is used for creating videos, photos, captions and more. You can easily do new type of motion graphics for your videos. It is possible to add text that will zoom in or out. It is available for free and a premium version is also available that is available with small fee per month. There are also a number of templates available in this tool if you purchase a premium version. You can use this app in both Android as well as iOS based mobile device.

4. Senders- It is a tool that similar to having a caller ID to an email. This tool will collect the information related to email account of the sender’s and lets the users know the details about them. It is suitable only for email accounts and you must get permission from this tool to see the account details.

5. Pocket Explore- This is a bookmarking website that features Pocket Explore to curates the content in the public news feed that helps the marketers to look for most popular stories on the social media platform. The marketers can just enter Twitter in the search field to get the details about top shared information related to a particular topic. It is also available as free as well as paid versions and can be used only on the mobile devices.

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