Analyzing Your Competitors On Social Media

Analyzing your competitors on the social media platforms can help you to achieve better results for your brand. By knowing about your competitors and there way of using the social media will help to share the right content with your audience. It is not easy to find your competitors profile on the social media before you can start analyzing them. So you can follow the steps made to analyze your competitors with the help of special service such as Rival IQ. The following methods will help to analyze your competitors using Rival IQ on the social media and the same data can be used to research their websites.

1. To begin the analysis first you have to use the service Rival IQ which has a free trial period of 14 days which will be enough if you are analyzing your competitor once about their social strategy. If you want to analyze multiple competitor strategy on social media, select a premium plan. With this you will can also monitor your competitor account and analyze them based on the social media they are into. To use Rival IQ, first you must create an account and open a landscape from the drop-down menu. Select the name of landscape that you want to create and include the website details about your company. Now you can compare your competitor social presence and the content used by them.

2. Always start the competitor analysis on the social media where they have business profiles. Most of the people use Twitter to promote their business, but there are also other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram that they use. You must see on which social channel your competitor has more audience. This can be seen by selecting Cross-Channel link located at left sidebar. Now you will see a simple chart that will feature the size of audience for both you and your competitor.

3. Next you have to see the position of your competitors on various social media network. Try to look at the contents they have used to in their social profile and the way they are representing themselves using a photo. With your Twitter bios analysis using the Rival IQ it is possible to see whether the companies have used Twitter chats or separate Twitter account for customer support.

4. After following all these steps, you will get an idea about placing your brand on the popular social media channels. Visit the Cross-Channel option to see the details about your competitors engaging content and the reason behind their successful engagement. In the Twitter left sidebar you can see the Top Content that will feature top tweets made by the companies Twitter profile.

5. The final option would be to develop a good relation with your mentioner. In Twitter left sidebar you can see the Mentioner option along with the details related to Twitter user mentioning about the companies. You will be able to see the mentioner and company related details in the Rival IQ landscape.

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