The Twitter Holy Week Preparation

Are you guys familiar about the Holy Week? Especially for those people who are interested enough to buy Twitter followers like no other? Well for me, if you are not really aware of this one, let me do the honors to explain what this is all about? And how it can relate to one of the biggest social networks on the planet, which is Twitter. Would you like me to explain this to all of you boys and girls right away? Or would you like to know about it later on? Oh well, I think looks like we have to know what this is all about anyways.

For me, Holy Week is one of the most important week that we should ever experience every year. You know why? It is simply because we have to observe respecting the sacrifice by our Lord Jesus Christ. Do you know why He sacrificed for us? It is because He loved us, and He died on the cross for us. During His time, he was ordered to carry the cross till he was being nailed there along with the other two prisoners. We really know how it deeply hurts us to see Him on the cross, but He did it because of His undying love.

If we are going to use Twitter during the Holy Week, we should try to talk more and share more about Jesus Christ. We can tweet something like His biblical messages, quotes, pictures and prayers that might encourage your own followers to reflect on Him all along.

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