Importance Of Social Media Back Up

Taking a backup of your social media posts can be a useful thing if your contents are valuable. The backup can be really useful if you are having a business account on the social media. It can really be helpful to download the contents from social media channel which includes profiles, contacts and content. Many people don’t take back up of their social contents as there are only slight chances of getting things messed, but it can be helpful at sometime. The following steps will help to take a back up of details from the social media account.

1. Content back up- Whenever you are posting content on the social media, you will be composing it in the word document. Just save the word document in your computer before using it on your social media account. You can also use other cloud-based service to store your content. In case you are repurposing content, the backup from your computer can be helpful.

2. Video back up- Most of the people will record videos from their mobile and use it on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more. So try to back up the entire videos from your mobile before uploading it on the social network. By doing this you can share the videos again and again on the social media as per the requirement. In case you are using a video which is not in your mobile can also be downloaded to keep it as back up. Most of the social media platforms allow you to download the uploaded video, so just that option.

3. Back up testimonials- Some of the social platforms allow you get testimonials for the business, but it has been closed. So back up all the testimonials you have by taking a screenshot and save it in your computer. There are special tools available for taking up back up of the testimonials from social media channels. You can collect the entire pages as well as profiles and get recommendations about particular services about a company.

4. Back up profiles- Many social media channels allows us to download the profiles as well as pages which includes Twitter, Facebook and others. In Twitter, go to settings page to see the option download Twitter archive. Then select Request Your Archive and you will receive an email with download link to Twitter archive. You can download the entire data in CSV file. Other social media channels have their own way of downloading the profile & pages, so you can keep it as back up.

5. Back up email contacts- This is one of the most important part of taking back up of social media content. If you have an email list, try to save it in your computer on regular basis. There are chances that your account can fall into trouble, so this back up data can be useful. You can use all the email contacts for retargeting custom audiences in Twitter.

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