Influential Business People To Follow On Twitter

If you are creating a twitter account, first there will be categories available to select from to describe your particular interest starting from sports, music and more. There will not be other things such as digital marketing category to know the further details about proceeding with your twitter account. But you can get the details about important Twitter accounts that must be followed for your social media marketing. Try to collect new tactics and marketing tips to be successful on Twitter. Those who have business related twitter account can follow some of these business leaders.

1. Ken Blanchard- Ken Blanchard is an author who is known for his ‘The One Minute Manager’. He is also behind the creation of Situational Leadership that features the details about business and emphasizes its unique traits as well as needs of people looking for training.

2. Tom Peters- Tom Peters has been best known for his books such as ‘In Search of Excellence, ‘Liberation Management’, ‘The Circle of Innovation’ and more. He is considered to be the best choice while selecting topics on management from a long time. Peters has been writing books as well as articles that have been read by many people.

3. Tim Ferriss- Tim Ferriss is popular for his ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ book. He also writes books on different topics such as cooking, physical fitness and more. Tim Ferriss has been suggesting people to use their time efficiently and improve their potential. He is one of the most popular member among entrepreneurs with a remote view.

4. Sarah Needleman- Sarah Needleman is a reporter from Wall Street Journal who concentrates on particular topics that are important to develop small businesses. She has been giving suggestions about receiving funds for small business start ups and social media marketing.

5. Richard Branson- Richard Branson is a creator of ‘Virgin Group’ that features around 400 companies. He can be helpful in providing useful tips on business startups. Richard Branson started his business when he was just 16 years old.

6. Gary Vaynerchuk- Gary Vaynerchuk is a Russian-born business man who started his company with retail wine store. He can provide help for video blogging and social media marketing tips.

7. Mark Cuban- Mark Cuban is a versatile businessman who was the owner of NBA team, Dallas Mavericks. He is good in all topics and can provide good ideas for business start ups and investing in other businesses.

8. Tony Hsieh- Tony Hsieh is the CEO of, an online company featuring shoes. He is gives god ideas about starting new companies with his business principles.

Most of the people will have no idea about starting up their business and by following some these people twitter can help in getting unique ideas for the development of their business. By following the above business leaders, you will be able to improve your business in number of ways as they can provide inspiring and provocative ideas to motivate everyone looking to achieve their dreams.

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