Steps To Improve Twitter Following

There are various methods that can be used to improve your Twitter following. Most of the people use tools, ads and many other techniques to increase their number of followers. But there is also another option to improve your Twitter following which is organically without using any ads. The most important and simple thing to increase your followers is by just engaging with them and most of the people don’t understand this. Following is the 6 different to options that can help in getting more followers.

1. Curate your Twitter lists with IFTTT- Once you have included people in the Twitter list, this will make them know that tweets made are valuable to be added in a particular category. When you include people manually to the Twitter list it normally takes a long time, so you can automate this process. Access IFTTT website to create a login and connect the Twitter account. Create a recipe like when the new tweet gets posted using the hashtag the user must be added to the new list that has been created.

2. Topic and Trend- Most of the Twitter users will only be interested in knowing new things and not the things that you are interested in. You must look for new topics and mainly that are most popular in Twitter. It is possible to see the present trend in Twitter by logging into your account. You can look for ways to provide reasonable information to the conversation that is already in progress in Twitter.

3. Tweet response- Always respond to the tweets posted in an accounts that features more number of followers. By replying to a tweet you can reach out to the audience in large numbers as most of the people will be able to see it.

4. Encourage people after engaging- It is always important to encourage the people by tweeting thanks once they have engaged with your Twitter account.  You can thank the people for various purposes such as, adding you to their Twitter list, people start to follow you, people retweet and if they favorite your tweet.

5. Tweet the quote- Whenever you post content in your Twitter account or a website that features Twitter user try to mention them. Most of the people want to get noticed with their name in the post published. Just send a tweet about the content to the people who have posted it which will also encourage them to thank you and also follow back. By retweeting to the people who have more number of Twitter followers will help in getting retweets back to your account and increases you account visibility to their followers who in turn can follow you.

6. Embed tweets- This one of the simple ways to improve your tweet visibility where you have to embed the tweet into the blog post. To do this, you must click the three dots at the end of your tweet and Embed tweet with the code.

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