Top Media Buying Source For Twitter Marketers: Niche Forums

What’s up everyone? Are you still with me while having some hopes to buy Twitter followers and getting greater results for good. As a matter of fact, this was kinda even more interesting than ever. You know why? In the last few blog posts that I had in store for you lately, I did mentioned to you about the top two sources of media buying like no other. The top two sources that I did mentioned to all of the Twitter followers out here are no other than niche forums and high traffic blogs. But for now, let us focus first on the niche forums.

The first thing that I really wanted you to do would be God damn simple. You need to go to various forums in your respective niche. Not just only one forum though, but you need to go with at least five or more different forums in the same niche. After that, go to Quantcast and see their statistics on how much traffic that was been generated in their part. As a matter of fact, this was expected to be a good challenge for all of us to pick which one of them would be the best for you to do media buying. After that, try to contact the owner of the chosen forum.

Try to negotiate with a price that can be reasonable enough for you and the forum owner. In this way, he or she will be appreciated of doing business with their respective forums.



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