Twitter Marketing: Would You Worry About The Google Dance?

Last time, to all of you who are having plans to buy Twitter followers like no other, I have something to tell you about right now about Google Dance. If you are indeed very interested to know more about this thing, I think there are no such doubts that I would like you to become very successful in this thing. But before that, I would simply like to do a little recap on what I have simply discussed before, and it is all about Google Dance. Some of you might say that Google Dance is another term that you should be worrying about.

But for other people who are very serious enough to rank their websites and blogs, I would definitely think that they need to worry about Google Dance. You know why? It is simply because as a Twitter marketer yourself, you are just going to expect that the rankings may change anytime soon. Would you like me to give you an example of this one? A good example would be that if you are having a brand new website that needs to be ranked into the top 100 results of Google.  Would you like that to make it happen?

Let’s say that your first ranking will be on the 7th page of Google, and in just less than two days, your own rankings dipped down to the 16th page of Google. Would we worry about it anyway? I do not think so! As long we keep doing some natural link building, there will be no problem at all.

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