Understand Your Audience Using Google Analytics

Most of the brands use every social media platform to improve their business. It is important to know your audience to understand how your brand is doing on the social media platform. Google analytics is an option that can be used to look for your audience as most of them use only social media for developing the brand and improve sales. The Google analytics can provide important information related to your website and it is also much easier to set-up. There are various sections available in Google analytics and each of them can provide great help for your social media activities. Some of the important areas that need to be concentrated on the social media to assess your audience include spending more time on social media platform, using your message in the right way to reach people and targeting your visitors from the website. Below are some of the most important steps that can help to look for your audience with Google analytics.

1. Reach your audience- In Google analytics, you can see a audience section that features the details related to people who enter your website. You can also see in the details about how your audience was able to find your website. This section shows details about your audience including their location, age, interests, mobile devices and more. Just use all these details to create the content relevant to your audience without wasting more time on the social media platform. By knowing the age of your audience can help to give you an opportunity to know what type of content is interesting them on which platform. With the audience location you can narrow your search to particular area wise and act accordingly.

2. Website traffic from social media- Google Analytics is also capable of showing from where the people have landed in your website. Just use the social referral traffic to see from where the traffic has received to your website from. To use this go to All Traffic, then Channels and mention the period you like to see the result and select the option Social to get the details about social media platform. The referrals you see can be used to assess the social media strategy and know which social media platform has the biggest source to get more traffic to your website.

3. Work as per your social media tactics- After getting the details related to the referral sources, now you will be able to decide about which social media platform is suitable for your business. To improve your referral traffic in Twitter, try to link up your shared link with a photo and leave it for one month to see the exact result. Try to focus on a single social media platform like Twitter at least for one month to get the best out of it. You can also use other platforms to connect with large audience and create your brand awareness to reach your business goal.

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