Using Tweet Grid Option In Twitter

There are various tools available in Twitter that can be used to make your tweets more unique and attractive. One among these tools include the embedding system that can be sued by the Twitter users to show their tweet collections in a cool way. It also features customizable collections that is possible to be displayed in the grid format. The tweet grid along with the embeddable option can be sued effectively by following these simple steps. It is possible to achieve a good looking tweet content which can increase utility of the tweets. The users will be able to update their Tweets collection at any time and it can also get update on their website or app automatically. There is no need to use any option embed code and updates about the site.

1. Enter into TweetDeck- First access TweetDeck by logging into it which is mainly available for all the publishers. After logging into TweetDeck, select + icon located at left side-bar and then select the option add new Collection stream. The TweetDeck is available for free to all, but there are other similar options that can be used such as Curator that is only available for particular users.

2. Moving Tweets to the Collection column- The tweets can be easily selected which that needs to be sent to the collection column and pull them across with the directional arrow button located below right of your tweet. You can pull only the tweets that need to be sent in the grid and make sure that each time you add a tweet into the grid it will go one below the other.

3. Export collection to Twitter- After taking your tweets into the grid, it is time to share it with your Twitter account. To do this, first select column options on top, then choose Share option from drop down window and click View on option. Now you will see a new window that will feature all the collection in Twitter.

4. Using Collection URL in publish.twitter- All the above steps has been common among most of the users from a long time, but the newly added option include new Publish platform from Twitter. You must simply enter the URL of collection in which will show a grid of collection and the embed code.

Now it is very simple, just update your list and grid display can be changed accordingly to maintain an updated embedded collection. All these collections will be are integrated along with TweetDeck, Curator and more that will available as curate to the tweet content. Anyone one who would like to share their own tweets or tweets made by other can quickly as well as easily create the new Collection. Then they can easily receive the embed code that will be displayed in the grid format. Twitter will also introduce same type of options along with some advanced features in the future to share the tweets easily.

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